Membership of WLA is open to Malawian women lawyers (those who and who have yet to join the bar), paralegals, students, judges and honorary male members. Eligible and interested members must complete the registration form and pay the annual subscription fee.

Member (Ordinary)

*rates are subject to change
MwK 50,000 / Yr

Associate Member (Female lay magistrates & paralegals)

*rates are subject to change
MwK 25,000 / Yr


*rates are subject to change
MwK 1,500 / Yr

Members are expected to pay the annual fee to support the association, its activities and have access to the benefits of membership (including training opportunities and continuing legal education).

Honorary Membership is conferred on deserving individuals due to their achievements in areas related to the aims and objectives pursued by the Association.

WLA also welcomes donations, in cash or in kind, towards the implementation of its core activities.