The Global Hope Mobilization (GLOHOMO); has started engagements with the Malawi Law Society and the Women’s Lawyers Association to reach an agreement on how private practice lawyers in the country can help to address the challenge of lack of legal representation to victims of trafficking in persons.
GLOHOMO’s Executive Director Caleb Thole, is optimistic of securing a Memorandum of Understanding with the two organizations to enable private practice lawyers to offer pro bono services to the victims.
He believes that this deal can make a huge impact; saying some cases of human trafficking are lost due to lack of legal representation to the victims.
Felisa Mitambo Vice president of the Malawi Law Society described the arrangement as viable, which could work with proper arrangements.
According to Thole, at the moment there are over 600 cases of human trafficking in the country’s courts, and all of these, the victims do not have legal representation. GLOHOMO is expected to support the lawyers by providing logistical arrangements using funds from USAID through the Tigwirane Manja Project
(By Innocent Kumchedwa- Lilongwe)

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